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Nazli is living in a small town of Anatolia with her two uncles. Meanwhile she works as a projectionist and in charge of almost every other thing in a movie theater. Although she has a deep love in her heart for cinema which is not well accepted within her social circle, she tends to quit her job in cinema due to neverending everyday work in the theater.


- Hisar Short Film Selection. 2016 (Best Ten Film Selection)

- İFSAK Short Film Competition, Fiction Category, Mention Award, Turkey.2016

- Marmara İletişim Short Film Competition, Jury Special Award, Turkey.2016

- Marmara İletişim Short Film Competition, (Actress: Begüm Alınca) Jury Special Award, Turkey. 2016

- EgeArt Art Days, Short Film Competition, Fiction Short Movie Category, Best Third Film,Turkey. 2015


- International İstanbul Short Film Festival, Turkey.2016

- Kısa-ca National Student Film Festival, Turkey.2016

- Okan University Student Short Film Festival, Turkey.2015

- Balkan Film Food Festival, Albania.2016

- Eskişehir International Short Film Festival, Turkey.2016

- Edirne International Film Festival, Turkey.2016

Festival Selection

Slum Film Festival, Africa. 2015 - İzmir Shor Film Festival, Turkey.2015 - Annual Frames Film Festival, India. 2016 - Annual Take Two Film Festival, ABD. 2016 - IndieWise FREE Virtual Festival, ABD.2016 - Tula International Film Festival, Russia.2016 - Uşak Kanatlı Denizatı Short Film Festival, Turkey. 2015 - Cinevana International Film Festival, Turkey.2016 - İstanbul International Film Festival, Turkey.2016 - International Tres Court Short Film Festival,Turkey. 2016 - Karaköy Short Film Days, Turkey. 2016

Online Festival Selection

Los Angeles CineFest, ABD, 2015 - The Monthly Film Festival, England, 2015 - Roma Cinema DOC, Italy, 2015 - Golden Camera Film Festival, Kazakstan, 2016 - Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain, 2016